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03 April 2012

What Would Make an Author Event GREAT for You?

Whether you have been to one, lots or can't wait to get to your first...what would make an author event/signing GREAT for you?  Have you been to one that you really enjoyed? or maybe to one that you really didn't?  
Can you tell me (without bashing anyone specifically) what you LOVE and maybe don’t like?? 
What would make it worth your while to make a trip to see an author?

I’d love you forever if you would share your thoughts on this with me.  You can comment here on the Blog, on my tumblr, twitter or by emailing me :-)     Thanks! - Jenn


Mariana C said...

Hi Becca and Jenn! Unfortunately I've never been to any event of this kind, but would love to go. I think what captivates audiences, beyond the conception of the event, is how the author interacts with the public. Even if the event would be a place a bit away from my chance, I would, since he knew that the departure would be something meoravel and well designed. But of course, be face to face with one of the writers we love, beyond any price ticket.

Bonnee Crawford said...

I have never been to one but I would love to! I think I'd enjoy having the author talk about their book, maybe have a bit of a Q&A sesh. I don't know if maybe that IS what generally happens, but that would be cool. :)

Alison said...

I have only been to a Becca Fitzpatrick book signing and it was great! I loved how she gave background info on herself and her books! My favorite part was when she presented other potential covers for Hush, Hush. I look forward to the next book signing from Becca!

readerfreak22 said...

I have never been to a book signing. I would love to go but, I have never been to one because, it seems that a lot of different authors never come to Colorado. I remember when Ms.Fitzpatrick was in Colorado but I was at Outdoor Lab so I didn't get that chance to come, =( . The thing I love about book signings (that I have heard about) is that you actually get to meet and talk to the author! What I don't like so much about that is how quick your conversation has to be!

Mikyshor said...

Hello ! :) Ok, I met one of my favorite author here, in my country. I don`t know, I felt like my favorite character from her book signed on the 1st page. Maybe her way to describe everything, her way to make characters delicious was what makes her so special. Every writer is God for their stories. It was like I met God, the power who makes true people from simple names. She was, in that moment, perfect embodiment for all the characters. When she signed, I was like: OMG ! Emily Thompson and her boyfriend [the characters of the book] signed my copy !!!

That`s so cool :D And I`m sorry if I have mistakes. I`m from Romania so my english is not perfect, u know.. :P