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Hi! I'm Becca Fitzpatrick, the author of the internationally bestselling HUSH, HUSH saga. When not writing, I'm most likely running, prowling sale racks for shoes (stilettos, please!), or enjoying one of life's many little indulgences: Ice cream, Veronica Mars, losing myself in a book, painting my toenails, or simply daydreaming. I do my best to update this blog as frequently as possible with news on upcoming events, tips for writers, and all things pertaining to my books.

30 March 2011

Coming Soon: HUSH HUSH The Graphic Novel

Becca is extremely excited to announce that HUSH HUSH will be published as a graphic novel... this year!! Here are some snippets from The official press release.

Sea Lion Books announced today the acquisition of the comic book and graphic novel rights to Becca Fitzpatrick's New York Times bestselling Young Adult novel Hush, Hush. .....

.....Becca Fitzpatrick is delighted to have her book brought to graphic novel form. "Hush, Hush was my first book, and it's so thrilling that it has been embraced by so many readers. I'm delighted to be working with Sea Lion to tell Patch and Nora's story through graphic novel format!"

Sea Lion Books shares the delight in working alongside the bestselling author on the adaptation, and feels that Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series is a fantastic addition to its graphic novel line. Hush, Hush #1 is scheduled to debut in winter 2011.

I'm sure Becca will post her thoughts about this once she gets back home from her trip to France and Italy and has a chance to get settled in. But I can tell you, she is very excited about working with Sea Lion and can't wait to see Patch & Nora on the pages of a graphic novel!

26 March 2011

Hello Italian Readers!

(I'm posting this message for Becca, who is currently in Italy.  She is having a great time!  Once again if any of you have pictures you'd like to share you can send them here. - Jenn)

Hello to my Italian readers!

I've had such a fantastic time in Milan these past few days, ending with the big event tonight at FNAC Bookstore. Thank you so much for coming out, asking questions, and getting your books signed.  Can't wait to post pictures soon.  Also, huge thanks to my publisher, Piemme, for how hard they've worked to prepare for my tour. I've enjoyed myself immensely and can't wait to come back!


23 March 2011

Merci France

Hello all!! Becca is hopefully getting a few hours of sleep before heading to Italy in the morning.  I spoke to her a little while ago and she has enjoyed her time in PARIS so very much and wanted me to pass this message along!!

Special thanks to Emilie, Anne and Maylis from Lattes, and everyone at the VIRGIN Megastore, and to all the fans who came out to my event! 

Do you have any pictures from the event that you'd like to share??  You can email them to Becca here.  THANKS!!

15 March 2011

March Italian Events

Hey guys!

I've just received the following event schedule from my Italian publisher, Piemme. Not that this will come to a surprise, but I am SO EXCITED to visit Italy (even if I am decidedly not fashion forward, ha!) If you're close to any of the below bookstores, I hope to see you there!

Friday, March 25
Facebook chat with Italian fans

Saturday, March 26
Presentation and signing at FNAC bookstore (Torino Street - della Palla Street corner)
Milan, Italy

Sunday, March 27
Presentation and signing at Mondadori Bookstore (34, D’Azeglio Street)
Bologna, Italy

09 March 2011

Video Interview With My UK Publisher

I am taking a tiny little break from editing SILENCE for my very first post on my brand new blog! (I hope you like it.)

My UK publisher Simon & Schuster UK has posted a video interview with me. I talk about my UK CRESCENDO Tour and a little about the process of writing HUSH HUSH.