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Hi! I'm Becca Fitzpatrick, the author of the internationally bestselling HUSH, HUSH saga. When not writing, I'm most likely running, prowling sale racks for shoes (stilettos, please!), or enjoying one of life's many little indulgences: Ice cream, Veronica Mars, losing myself in a book, painting my toenails, or simply daydreaming. I do my best to update this blog as frequently as possible with news on upcoming events, tips for writers, and all things pertaining to my books.

12 January 2012

FINALE Playlist


Now that the title of the fourth book in the HUSH, HUSH series has been announced, I thought I would pleasure your ears with the playlist I listened to while working on FINALE. It is missing a few elusive songs that I haven't had any luck finding on playlist.com. Stayed tuned on that front. But for now, please enjoy a handful of songs that helped me find inspiration.

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UPDATE! Here are a couple of the elusive songs, posted from YouTube.

05 January 2012

CRESCENDO Paperback Blog Tour - Day 4

CRESCENDO was released in paperback on Tuesday and in celebration our Blog Tour has stopped off over at FallenArchangel, Late Bloomer Online and The Book Cellar.   Today the CRESCENDO Paperback Blog Tour is stopping off here so that Becca can answer a few fan questions as she gets ready for her Live VIDEO Chat on Goodreads next week.

What has been the most difficult scene to write in the HUSH, HUSH Saga so far (including Book 4)? I'm writing the final pages of Book 4 right now. It's hard! It's the end of the series, and I want to make sure every last thread is tied up and the story feels finished. I don't want to handle it the wrong way. It's one of the most important scenes in the series. I don't want to botch it!

Was writing the last book harder than writing the others, since you know it will wrap up the story? Yes and no. The writing and storytelling feel easier now, and I think that comes through experience. But there is definitely a pressure to live up to readers' expectations.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have 5 things with you, what would you want to have?? Oh, wow, that's tough! My family. Electricity. My iPhone. A freezer filled with ice cream. Maybe...a magic wand?

Favorite indulgence? A bubble bath and a book. Online shopping. Homemade brownies. Veronica Mars.

Favorite color? Red

There's sure to be lots of great Q's at the video chat which will be on TUESDAY, JANUARY 10.  Hope to see you there!
Join us at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT at http://www.goodreads.com/topic/video_chat/30 on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 for a live video chat with Becca Fitzpatrick, author of The Hush Hush Saga. To celebrate the long anticipated paperback release of Crescendo, book two in series, Becca has a major announcement to make about book four, the final book in the series! Becca will take questions from readers and then Moira Young, author of Blood Red Road, will join the chat for a fun author-to-author Q&A. Don't miss this!
You can find the event info here on Facebook or here on Goodreads!

03 January 2012

CRESCENDO Paperback Release

Happy Tuesday, January 3!

Today CRESCENDO releases in paperback, with some cool bonus content included--the first chapter of Book 4. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, to celebrate CRESCENDO's paperback release, please check out the awesome stops along the CRESCENDO blog tour. I'll be posting the links daily on Twitter (@becfitzpatrick). Yesterday's blog tour stop was at FallenArchangel (all signed and personalized copies of CRESCENDO are gone, thank you for your generous donations!) Today's stop is at Late Bloomer Online, and includes a never-before-seen deleted scene from CRESCENDO.

And, just for fun, I wanted to post a video from So You Think You Can Dance that I watched many, many times while working on CRESCENDO.

Finally, just a reminder that my video chat with Goodreads is only days away. This is your chance to ask me anything you want! I hope you'll join the discussion January 10th at 7PM EST here.