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Hi! I'm Becca Fitzpatrick, the author of the internationally bestselling HUSH, HUSH saga. When not writing, I'm most likely running, prowling sale racks for shoes (stilettos, please!), or enjoying one of life's many little indulgences: Ice cream, Veronica Mars, losing myself in a book, painting my toenails, or simply daydreaming. I do my best to update this blog as frequently as possible with news on upcoming events, tips for writers, and all things pertaining to my books.

02 December 2013

31 Days of Reading on PulseIt.com

Yesterday I posted about how Becca's publisher was hosting a cool promotion on PulseIt.com during the month of December.  Here's a graphic with a little bit more information about the 31 Days of Reading.  Be sure to check it out.  There are some really great books included!


30 November 2013

PulseIt.com 31 Days of Reading Kicks Off With HUSH, HUSH

Becca's publisher, Simon & Schuster, has an awesome online community, for anyone that loves teen books, called PulseIt.

PulseIt is hosting an exciting new promotion this month. Each day in December they will be offering a different book as a free read.   AND They will  also be hosting two sweepstakes.  On Pulseit.com 5 members will win 1 copy of each of the books we're featuring. On Facebook, users can enter each day by liking a post to win a copy of the book of the day.

But, the best news of all is that they are kicking off the promotion with HUSH, HUSH!  That's right, Day 1 (December 1st) the free read of the day is HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick ;-)

Check out the details on PulseIt.com and please help spread the word.

01 November 2013

Author Pics!

Hi guys,

My family got portraits taken this fall, and our photographer was kind enough to take a couple pictures of me for a new author photo. I'm still trying to decide which one I like best!




22 October 2013

Your Stories

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”  --Anne Lamott 

05 October 2013

Castle Rock Event

Happy Weekend!

Many thanks to my Colorado readers who braved the weather last night and came to see me at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock! You were such an energetic crowd and knew how to make a girl feel welcome, and I appreciate that so much! Below, a recap in pictures. (The librarians sent me home with leftover cupcakes, which my kids and I are thoroughly enjoying.)


14 September 2013

Stuff and Stuff

Hi guys!

Happy weekend!

Here's what I've been up to lately. First, as many of you know, several areas of Colorado were hit hard by flooding this week. My town, Fort Collins, was affected, but our neighborhood is currently dry. My heart goes out to my friends and neighbors who've lost their homes and businesses. We've sure had crazy weather lately. Fires, record-high temps, and now this. School was cancelled on Friday, and local officials asked residents to stay off the roads as much as possible. To keep busy, my kids created a marble track out of construction paper. I was quite impressed--given that at their age, I was playing Barbies and listening to NKOTB!

As I mentioned, last week we were hit by an extreme heat wave. Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since my entire Saturday was spent outside. First, I ran a 5k mud run with my ten-year-old son. Last year I ran the race with friends, and got chilly hanging out in muddy water. Not this time! I have to say, being a mom is pretty awesome when you get to do things like this with your kids:

After the mud run I showered and headed to Horsetooth Reservior with friends to give SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) a try. It was easier than I thought! Next time I'm at the ocean, I'd like to give it a try there, where the waves are a bit rougher. (And, you know, where there are sharks in the water for an added challenge, ha!)


 Finally, a bit of exciting news regarding BLACK ICE. Yesterday my publisher sent me a couple copies of the paperback edition of FINALE, which includes an exclusive first look at BLACK ICE (my next book, due out in 2014) in the back. Readers can pick up this special edition of FINALE in stores on October 1st. I hope you enjoy the excerpt of BLACK ICE. In the meantime, I'll be holding a giveaway to win one of these special editions in the next few days. Stay tuned!


03 September 2013

Castle Rock, Colorado Event (10/4)

Hey there!

I'm doing one event this fall, in my home state, Colorado. The event will be at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock, and if you live in the area, I hope to see you there! At the event I'll talk briefly about my books, do a Q&A, and of course I'll sign as many books as you'd like. If you choose to purchase books at the event, Tattered Cover Bookstore will be selling copies. The Philip S. Miller Library is planning an awesome party for the event, including a Paranormal Romance Cupcake Baking Contest. Oh, and I will be in costume! See details below:

Date: 10/4/2013
Start Time: 5:30 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM

 Bring your best, most darkly romantic cupcake to our festival and be a part of the fun. See the Info Desk or the Aloha Teen Tower for contest rules.
Library: Philip S. Miller - Castle Rock  

Other Information:
 Registration required. "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his ribcage...but let's try cupcakes first." Local judges and attendees of the Paranormal Romance Festival will choose the winners. This contest is open to Teens and Adults. Prizes will be given to the top three cupcakes for Teens and Adults. 
Date: 10/4/2013
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
 Join NYT Bestselling young adult author Becca Fitzpatrick ("Hush, Hush" series) at the library for a night celebrating our favorite genre, Paranormal Romance.
Library: Philip S. Miller - Castle Rock   
Other Information:
 Registration required. If you love the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre, this evening is for YOU!! Ms. Fitzpatrick will be available for book signing immediately following her talk. Books will be sold at this event courtesy of the Tattered Cover Book Store. Please register separately for the Cupcake Baking Contest. In addition to a presentation by the author we will have Romance themed Cupcake Baking Contest, Costumes, Games, Activities, Tarot Readings, and more.
Contact: Melissa Della Penna
Contact Number: 303-791-7323

18 August 2013

So Long, Summer

Hi guys!

I know that summer doesn't officially end until Labor Day, but school starts this week for my kids, so it's hard to ignore the impending approach of autumn. As always, I have mixed feelings about the idea of summer slipping away. I all but took the summer off as far as writing is concerned, and while I'm not ready for a strict routine yet (or the idea of nightly homework!), I am excited to start writing again. I'm working on my final line edits for BLACK ICE before it goes to copyedits, but I should have the book wrapped up before September is over. At that point, I get to start a new book, yay! I've had a story idea brewing in my mind all summer, and typically, when I start to envision scenes or hear snippets of dialogue, it's a sign that I'm on to something--that I'm excited enough about this project to work with it for the long haul. Also, that it could be an actual book.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you should! This past week I posted a few images that give me inspiration for this new project.  In the upcoming months, I'll be tweeting teasers for BLACK ICE. I'll also be sharing information on BLACK ICE's release date, cover, a description of the story, and all other pertinent information. 

Finally, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our latest family adventure. We rented a lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, toured Boston, and I even got to check an item off my bucket list--eating a lobster dinner on the coast of Maine. 


07 July 2013

Independence Day

For the Fourth, my family took a road trip to South Dakota. It was beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the holiday too. xo Becca
Cat Nap







Wide Open

Hot Day, Cool Lake

Follow the Leader

Eye of the Needle

30 June 2013


When I start writing a new book, I love to think about setting, and immerse myself in the story world. Right now, I'm thinking about wide-open spaces and vast, colorful skies. 

Falling in love with a new story is the best feeling.

27 June 2013


So this is my theme song for the week:

I'm DONE with my second round of Black Ice edits! Already, I'm starting to feel like a sane and normal person again. Like, I showered today. And I went running (before showering). And I ate actual food for lunch (not Peanut M&M's). I responded to a few emails (only 974 unread emails left in my inbox. Hey, if I keep it under a thousand, I feel like all's well in Beccaland). And - ta da - I'm blogging!

Of course, finishing this round of edits doesn't mean the book is ready for publication. I still have a third round of edits, copyedits, first-pass pages, and possibly second-pass pages.  I've made it over two very big hurdles, but there are still a few left to jump. I get asked frequently if there is any chance that Black Ice will be published this year. In short, no. I spoke with my editor today, and the 2014 publication date is firm.

If you're wondering what I'll be doing while I wait for my editor to send me my next round of editorial notes, the answer is I'll be working on my next book. Why, didn't you know that's how authors celebrate turning in a book draft? I've had this story in my mind for a couple months and I'm very excited about it. It's a YA romantic suspense set in a small town in Nebraska. Little town, big secrets. I hope to take a road trip to Nebraska soon to scout out locations and take lots of photographs that will help me create the story world in my mind. I think I've mentioned this before, but I love story beginnings. I love the possibility, the potential. For me, there's a certain magic in a blank page. Anything can happen.


14 May 2013

There's No Secret Handshake

Today Shannon Hale blogged about how every story must sell itself—that there is no secret Publishing Club and once an author is in, they're in for good. I want to add to her thoughts. I've had people suggest (some lightly, some not) that I belong to a secret publishing club, and that I have given my editors advice on which prospective authors to publish. This just isn't realistic. I don't have that kind of power, nor would I want it. My editors have never contacted me to ask my opinion on an author they're thinking about working with. They don't care what I think, and rightfully so. Because the thing is, I don't have to have a great working relationship with the other authors on my editor's list—I only have to have a great working relationship with her.

So if you're a writer and you're working toward publication, please know this. Your story sells itself. It's as simple as that. There is no secret handshake into the publishing world. It's not a popularity contest. When the rejection letters keep rolling in, it's easy to want to blame someone else. It's natural to want to understand why editors keep saying "no."  Trust me, I know. I've been there. But the truth is, established authors aren't conspiring against you. No one is conspiring against you (except maybe yourself). Editors are continually hopeful that the next manuscript they pick up will be the one. They want to love your story.  When they're reading your book, it isn't about you.  It's about the story.  

As Shannon said, it's a pretty level playing field out there. And that's the way it should be. Because when you do get published, you'll feel an immense sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing your book is getting published because it's a darn good story...and not because of external forces you had no control over.


15 April 2013

Let's Talk Covers

Hi all!

I learned this week that my design team at Simon & Schuster will (hopefully!) start working on BLACK ICE's cover in June or July. In the meantime, my editor asked for any thoughts/input I have. While I don't have a specific design vision, I am going to send her a list of book covers I find deliciously provocative. Below are some of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite book covers?

Notes from Ghost TownDark PlacesMr. PeanutFragments (Partials, #2)The Blemished (Blemished #1)The Torturer's DaughterMila 2.0 (MILA 2.0, #1)A Certain Slant of Light (Light, #1)Dead RiverThe Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)JawsWarm Bodies