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01 June 2011

Pick a Name for the Assistant

Hey guys!!  It's Becca's Assistant, Jenn, here.   I am going to be starting a Twitter Account so that I can stay in touch with all of you, answer your questions and maybe even give you some behind the scenes updates on what's happening in Camp Fitzpatrick.

So here's where you come in... Becca and I have been trying to think of a good twitter name for me and we are hitting a wall!  Do you guys have any suggestions?  It can be simple and to the point or a little more fun. But it should be something that you will see and recognize.  Please post your suggestions in the comments and I'll let you know this weekend what name we decide to use!!

Thanks in advance, because I know how much you all rock!!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for all of the great suggestions here and on facebook & twitter!  We had a really hard time picking, but we decided to go with... @PatchsOtherGirl (Thanks Cassidy for the suggestion)  Hope you will all come on over and follow me on Twitter  


Josin L. McQuein said...
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Danie said...

JennFitzAssistant, ArchangelJenn, CampFitzJenn :)

Domitila Gonzalez said...

The White Hand :)
The Right Hand :)
The Write Hand :)

Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

I love Danie's two suggestions: JennFitzAssistant but if that's too long then totally go with CampFitzJenn! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...


jakebearr said...

@fitz_jenn I think it's simple and cool. haha.

Anonymous said...

... BeccaHand, BeccJeHand, JennaBeccaHand, JeMBeFitz :)

Cassidy said...


Wendy Adams said...

Ok, I have to comment.
@JoyfulJenn, @ItsJustJenn
I like the suggestions above!

Anonymous said...

I like TheWhiteHand

I am the personal assistant for author Heather Brewer and I go by @Froze8 and if the author puts out the name enough no mater what you choose you should be fine :)

Alba said...

Fallen_Assistant!!:D hehe lol! I like this one!:D

Safari Poet said...


Rulana Abidi said...

Assistente Di Patch

>>means Patch's assistant in italian. he's supposedly italian yes?

Kristina said...


Those are my suggestions

Good luck is choosing a twitter name

niromaz said...


hushhushbigestfan said...


hushhushbigestfan said...


Always-Believix-Jaskirat said...

What about every now and then check out Jen or patch's favorite girl or just the scoop on hush hush??? I know their not the greatest... It's hard to come up with the perfect username... well good luck on ur quest ;)

Debora said...


the girls here already left some good twitter names ;) good luck


Jenn said...

YAY so many good suggestions so far! Thanks you guys, you are the best!

Can't wait to see what else comes in :-)

missy.pereira said...

I like:

Starry Eyed Wonder said...


Anonymous said...


Abit long but HAY-HO!

Loved @PatchsOtherGirl :')

hushhushbigestfan said...

I think thewritehand or patch'sothergirl

Felicity said...

@143HushHush 143 are the numbers for love

@My@ said...

Hey, hi Jenn! My name is Myrla, I'm braziliam and I love Hush, Hush saga...Kisses

Anonymous said...

I have a Brazilian fan club about the Hush, Hush saga... can you follow, please? @hushhushsp :)

hushhushbigestfan said...

I have a blogspot,too, plz visit @ lmmlp.blogspot.com.