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06 June 2011

Copyedits are DONE!

Hey guys -

I realize I've been missing from the online scene lately, but I'm here to announce that I've come out of the writing cave. Copyedits are done! For those of you who are curious, copyedits are one of the final rounds of editing a manuscript goes through before it is sent on to be published. During copyedits, an author fixes grammatical mistakes, diction (word choice) and often, in my case, I fix chronology problems. I've never written a novel that didn't have major chronology problems. Apparently time is not my strong point! Luckily for me, I have an incredible copyeditor who catches all these little mistakes that could have a big impact on the story. Copyedits are always the hardest part of the process for me (they always come at the end, and by the end, I'm exhausted), but I know that when I send the story back to my editor, it's in the best shape of its life. And that's a good feeling.

While I'm on the topic of writing, I want to share a link to Kirsten Hubbard's blog where she talks about the challenges of debuting as a midlist author. Her post touched my heart, and if you're an aspiring author, or if you want to know more about what publishing can feel like for a debut author, I highly suggest you read it.

Finally...NEWS. The moment you've all been waiting for! I will be announcing the winner of the SILENCE character-naming contest right here on my blog tomorrow. Stay tuned :)



Always-Believix-Jaskirat said...

Welcome back!!! Anyways that is all awesome news especially the last part I can't wait to see the winning name!!! In this post you talked a lot about the copy edits I was wondering what you think of the job of an editor. I know it's really important but in general what are some of the things an editor does exactly??? Well congrats and can't wait 4 silence!!!

Alba said...

yey!!we've been waiting for you!! so excited!!:D!!

hushhushbigestfan said...

Yay your out of your MIA!!!!soooooooooooooo excited for tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine wasnt very good but, still cant wait!!!!!!!!!

Yours truely,
Becca Fitzpatrick's biggest fan
Hush,Hush series' biggest fan
Mell Kingsley

Anonymous said...

Exciting! Anxiously waiting to see what name will be picked.