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15 September 2012

FINALE Chapter Reveal

Exciting News!!!  

You may already know that Becca will be embarking on the LOVE HAS NO FINALE tour in October.  But we are really excited to announce the Love Has No FINALE Blog Tour!  Starting Monday a sneak peek of FINALE will be posted at one of the blog tour stops (see below) each day, with the final excerpt being posted on BeccaFitzpatrick.com on Friday.

Please help to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter (use #FinaleReveal) and any other way you can.  

Can't wait for you all to read it!! 


Christelle Radley said...

I am SOOO Excited!
Must say i have been awaiting this book since i was at your Black Hand Ball Tour in Brisbane. I have the date saved in my calendar for the book release :) Woo! So excited! Becca Fitzpatrick - Made me fall in love with books all over again and gives me inspiration to follow my dreams as an aspiring author myself. Thank you <3

Tiffany Chek said...

I can not wait for this book! I love them all, even with the heartbreaks some left. I have the date set for the book. Patch and Nora are the number one couple I've ever fallen in love for. I am glad I found a copy at a book store with my mother when it came out. :D

rachel weikel said...

Hi becca my name is rachel. I have a question for you about patch so here it goes. In human years how old is he? I assumed in the fiirst book he was 18 or so but im just curious. If you even read this and you answer thank you and YOLO.

kayla marie said...

hi becca love your books I have a Q: for you In silence scott calls nora "Gary" and she gets mad because it makes her sound like a boy. "like Dorian Gray". Did that name just come to you or does it have any reference to Oscar Wilde's "the picture of Dorian Gray"? Its one of my fav. Books so that name jumped out at me