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22 August 2012


When I dropped my first grader off at school this morning, I noticed a poster hanging on the classroom wall. The message was straightforward and succinct. Bullying hurts. At the reminder, I felt that clutch of fear all parents do, knowing that bullying is something my children--all children--will face. And then I felt grateful that my kids' teachers are doing something to educate their classes about it. Finally, it made me stop and evaluate my own behavior. Have I ever said something hurtful about another person? What am I going to do to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Here's what the poster said:


  • Leaves someone out on purpose
  • Wants to hurt someone's feelings
  • Says or writes unkind things about someone
  • Says or writes untrue things about someone


  • Ignore them
  • Make a new friend
  • Say something kind about someone 
  • Tell a teacher, friend, or parent

Unfortunately, bullying isn't something only first graders have to face. It exists in every stage of life. Recongizing it is part of the equation. But having the courage to stand up to it is vital. Courage never hurts anyone. Courage never makes you a smaller person.

Bullying hurts...

But it can be stopped. 

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