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Hi! I'm Becca Fitzpatrick, the author of the internationally bestselling HUSH, HUSH saga. When not writing, I'm most likely running, prowling sale racks for shoes (stilettos, please!), or enjoying one of life's many little indulgences: Ice cream, Veronica Mars, losing myself in a book, painting my toenails, or simply daydreaming. I do my best to update this blog as frequently as possible with news on upcoming events, tips for writers, and all things pertaining to my books.

13 February 2012


UPDATE Feb.15.2012  Thanks to all who entered!  The contest is closed.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know there is a lot of taboo around this holiday, and people seem to either love it, or hate it. I happen to be a lover. I think the idea of expressing love is awesome. February is such a long, cold, dreary month, but Valentine's Day breaks up the dreariness and gives me something to look forward to. I've had my share of awkward and lonely Valentine's Days, but I've simply chosen to look at them as raw material for future stories, ha!

In the spirit of saying, "I love you!" I'm giving away a HUSH, HUSH valentine, including signed books, a poster, and a tee from the HUSH, HUSH Cafe Press store.

To enter, simply comment below telling me your favorite love scene between Patch and Nora. (Please include an email, so I can reach you, should you win!)

I'll choose one winner before end of day.

Good luck!


P.S. A love-it scene from the movie Valentine's Day:


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The Romance Bookie said...

YES!!! Best Valentine's Day scene!! :)

Anonymous said...

My favourite scenes has to be the taco scene is hush hush, he was so close to kissing her and then her phone goes ... Ruined the moment lol
Loved it!!

sisypheandreams said...

I have two main favourite love scenes from Patch and Nora and they're both from the first book. Someone stole my copy so I can't cite it but it's the scene when they're making tacos and when they're making out at the women's restroom at the theater.

The taco scene was such a turning point in their relationship, from their transition from kind of awkward, not-really-knowing-where-I-stand kind of situation into acknowledging that hey, something's going on here. There is some definite chemistry between them and that was the first real time that they recognized it themselves (for me, at least). Nora said it herself, if my memory serves me right. "You tell me, am I ready for chemistry?"

Yes, Nora. Yes, you are.

And of course, the women's restroom scene. That was the first genuine time that they're both consensually aware that the other loves the other without saying anything. It's in that ten second (?) kiss that they're it. That their fire's been sparked and there's no turning back now.

sisypheandreams said...

Ah crud, left out my email. It's jonnah_dayuta@dlsu.ph :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow that's kind of hard to tell but i'm going to try anyways!

It will probably be the one where he finally takes her into his own "home" at Delphic, where she and Patch both feel the tension of being together WANTING to be together and where he simply says "I like you in my bed" all those bits and parts in the middle are funny and romantic it gave me goosebumps! their somewhat teasing each other!

Out of experience a friend of mine always tells me how "teasing" her boyfriend is and they somewhat make me think of Patch and Nora.. its sweet funny romantic and goofy~!

I don't have a boyfriend yet but if I could wish for a relationship I would ask for bits and parts from Nora and Patch :)

E-mail: jillsmit@hotmail.com

Tee said...

Ohh that is hard..there are so many good ones..ummm lets see..probably the one where they are standing and looking at the menu and he says something like..what he wants isnt on that menu...I love Patch's humor and his snarky comments


Mel.- said...

Hi Becs! Happy Vday! Hope you have a great one!
My favorite love scene between Patch and Nora is in Silence. When she finds out all the truth again. I love when Patch said that he missed her and he told her about how difficult was for him to be apart of her all that time.
Thank you for being such a great writer and let me enjoy and love this AMAZING story!
Love you.

Mel.- (meli_a87@hotmail.com)

huggable_bubble said...

I dont know if it counts as a 'love scene' but it made me laugh and to me in my mind it was the beginning of the relationship where Nora knew what she could get away with saying. It is just a bit 'cutesy' I love it :D
“You smell good, too,” said Patch

It’s called a shower.” I was staring straight ahead. When he didn’t answer, I turned sideways. “Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.”

"Naked. I know the drill.”


The_Writer_Within said...

My favourite Patch and Nora love scene is in Silence when she's trying to remember Patch as he really is to her. The way that she traces every line of him, committing it to memory as if it's something precious that only she could own and never forget, it's so lovely. And the way he says everything 'roughly' just makes you want to throw yourself at him too!! I was so happy when they finally kissed, literally shouting 'Yay!' because I love the two of them together and couldn't wait for them to be a couple again =) You know after that that whatever happens, Patch and Nora will be there for each other and it'll be OK =) <3


Tháta said...

To me the scenes they're in the classroom, which Patch is feeling the heart of Nora, also the scene where Patch is making tacos at home I think she beautiful, plus it are a perfect couple made ​​for each other. tabita_23_03@hotmail.com

Me My Shelf And I said...

It seems we all have the same one...lol - One Word...TACOS! I do agree it was a huge turning point and nothing makes you want to keep turning those pages than an almost kiss!!

meandmyshelf at gmail dot com

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy V Day!

aedwards said...

I'm a sucker for new romances - the taco scene.

Katie said...

My favorite love scene is from Crescendo. It was in her dream the night they went to the Devil's Handbag.
"The archangels couldn't see us. Here, all their rules went up in smoke. We could do whatever we wanted, and they would never find out. No one would."

I love your books so very much!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Becca! Well, one of my favourite scenes, is probably the most simple one... I remember one of the first scenes from Crescendo, when Nora and Patch are at the Delphic and Patch throws a ball to win her a teddy, (I think). It was a scene so normal, so realistic and so...typical of two people who like each other. A scene when you forget all the craziness of their relationship, he being a fallen angel and all. And in that moment, they're just two teens in love :) lenix_ice@hotmail.com

Nicc209 said...

heya. I liked chapter 26 haha!! When she keeps trying to dodge him, but he knows a touch could distract her. Finally she succumbs and then the phone rings right when finally kisses him. But i like most of the love scenes, they're all intense especially the one in (i think its Crescendo) just before her 'father' takes her. The last scene of them together. That was seriously intense!!
Love from South Africa!!

Jana said...

I love all Nora and Patch scenes, but by far the one that stood out to me was in Hush Hush when Patch was trying to teach Nora how to eat tacos. And obviously the really hot scene after that :)


Kazhy said...

My favorite scene's the one where they discuss the characteristics they look for in a mate for lab. Poor Nora got really teased by Patch! But it was so cute <3


Imel Cullen said...

too many scenes that I like between patch and nora... all romantic scenes... ^^


Anonymous said...
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miranda e. said...

I have to say that my favorite love scene is when Nora and Patch are getting to know each other during Bio class. I loved Patch's snarky and flirty comments to Nora. I thought it was so funny how Patch got Nora flustered in Bio class, especially talking about what characteristics Patch is attracted to. How Patch and Nora started to form their relationship really stuck to me and made it realistic and reasonable why Nora loves Patch so much.

Anonymous said...

I love all the scenes that Patch calls Nora "Angel", the nickname shown much affection from him. And I vibrate only reading "angel"! And my favorite scene is when he says "Angel, to be near you, the way it is, is better than nothing, I will not lose you. But I fell once. Be the archangels give reason to imagine that I'm remotely in love with you, they will send me to hell. Forever. "I thought it was very earnest from Patch and feelings overflowed it - love so much!

My e-mail is: daianeloliveira@yahoo.com.br

ShamokinBabe said...

I think my favorite love scene had to be the one from Hush Hush. The first time they kissed. It was so sweet and Nora was so unaware of what was happening around her. She only saw and felt Patch. It reminds me of my first kiss with my love. They had an instant spark at that moment. It was so taboo. But Patch didnt care. He fell not only as an angel but for Nora as well. So romantic. I guess i am just a sucker for first kisses. ^-^

To be honest, this is the only book series that kept me biting my nails til the next book comes out. I cant wait to see where love takes Nora and patch in the next book.


Devan @ Book Strings said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! One of my favorites is the Kitchen Counter scene in Hush, Hush.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh:)
There are loads, but my favourite scene would be one from Hush Hush.
The scene is the one where Patch takes Nora to Bo's Arcade and teaches her to play pool.
I like this scene as it reminds me he cared about Nora from the beginning. Also the fact it was a normal date.
Happy Valentines Day:)
emily_lawson@live.co.uk Or

asdfghjklexa said...

Hi Becca!
Firstly, I hope you're having a happy Valentine's Day. And secondly, my favorite scene is from Silence. It's near the end where Dabria shows up and tells Patch that Hank came across the archangel's necklace, he then leaves to go after Hank and Nora stays behind.

“Patch: You're staying here, Angel.

Nora: You're taking this one alone?

Patch: First, Hank can't see us together. Second, I don't like the idea of dragging you into something that could get messy fast. If you need one more reason, I love you. This is uncharted territory for me, but I need to know that at the end of the night, I have you to come home to.”

That scene literally teared me up, as many other scenes.
Lexa :)


Read. Write. Ramble. said...

haha I love that scene from Valentine's Day! It never fails to make me laugh:)
My favorite love scene between Nora and Patch? There are so many! I guess if I had to pick one, it would probably be the scene in Silence when they're dancing in the nightclub. Also, the famous taco scene. I can't decide between those two!


Jen93 said...

Hmm, it has to be the Motel scene in HUSH Hush, not exactly romantic but an amazing Patch and Nora moment :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Becca!
I love in Silence when he realizes that she is seeing him in her dreams when she isn't supposed to. It catches him off guard and I think makes him realize they are supposed to be together no matter what situation they are in. I love how curious she is to find out and remember who he is and why she is so connected to him. You can just sense the longing in her heart to know who he is and it drives you crazy knowing that the reader knows the whole back story, but she doesn't remember! I simply love all the books and have many favorite scenes, but I love the dream sequence and the realization between she and Patch. Thanks! And Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Julie (bunkyangel@aol.com)

Anonymous said...

I love all the scenes that Patch calls Nora "Angel", the nickname shown much affection from him. And I vibrate only reading "angel"! And my favorite scene is when he says "Angel, to be near you, the way it is, is better than nothing, I will not lose you. But I fell once. Be the archangels give reason to imagine that I'm remotely in love with you, they will send me to hell. Forever. "I thought it was very earnest from Patch and feelings overflowed it - love so much!

My e-mail is: daianeloliveira@yahoo.com.br

(I have already wrote this, but i wanted apologize for my bad english, everything that I wrote here, was with the English that I know... I'm brazilian, and I really like your books)

raneem said...

i have ssoo many but i have to say mine is from the first book after Patch takes Nora out of the theatre and the phone call from Vee ruins it! before they go to the school =)

Maddie said...

My favourite? The one I'm going for is the one which I think is what takes the bait as the most eclipsing love moment of the entire series, which is when Nora realizes who Patch is in Silence. For me, that itself truly represents what True Love it about. The fact that her memory had been taken, and yet she managed to still know, in her heart, who Patch was. Even after what she'd been through, she followed her heart and ended up back with him. Now that's a love scene. Especially when she touches him, as if just by his touch, the love they share overcomes the barrier in her mind. It's so powerful and well thought of, I was in near tears. (Plus getting to FINALLY see what his crib was like was an added bonus!)

Maddie - maddymania@hotmail.co.uk

Nereyda1003 said...

You are pure evil making us pick a favorite scene, they are all SOOO good! Patch is one of my favorite top 5 male characters. My top favorites are the taco scene, the motel scene and of course the part where Patch tells Nora she smells good.
“Naked, I know the drill” ha-ha.
Those are only my top moments from Hush-Hush.
Hope you are having a Happy Valentine’s Day, can't wait to read FINALE!

Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed


kristina shields said...

I know a lot of people had said this but I love the taco scene between the two love birds.


lindseybousfield said...

I love in Silence when Nora finally realizes who Patch is and whats happened to her and he tells her how much he loves her and how his whole life doesn't mean anything without her. I love it because you finally see real emotion from Path and can see how much Nora means to him! :)


StephC72 said...

I love the taco scene, too. :) And the scenes where they are finally alone at his place. I just love Patch!!


Vanessa Lopes said...

That's hard to explain in English but I'll give it a try!

(One of) my favorite love scene is the one on the first book when Patch is talking to Nora and she realizes that he gave up his human body for her and he says something like "what would he want a body for if he couldn't have her"

Hope it's understandable, had to translate back from Portuguese to English. (And it's obvious that need to improve my English...)

Happy Valentines Day!


hridi.das said...

In Hush Hush, my favorite scene between them was when both Nora and Jev were in the hotel room and Nora had just discovered Patch's secret (running her hands over his back). I loved their conversation after that and of course, feeling "soft" after seeing Patch shirtless. So steamy that my glasses fogged up :P


HorrorMovieMama said...
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Anonymous said...

My favorite scene between Nora and Patch is probably near the end of Hush, Hush, when he says he refused her sacrifice and became her guardian angel. That just screams, "I love you," to me.

I also liked the very end, when he kisses her, then asks if she wants more...and she agrees. Makes me feel all mushy inside.


Vickyy14 said...

I love when Patch tells Nora "There's only one thing I know for certain anymore. That I would do anything for you, even if it means going against my instincts or my very nature. I would lay down everything I possess, even my soul, for you. If that isn't love, it's the best i have.". It's such a romantic moment, when he describes everything he had done, and will do if necessary, to be with Nora. He shows all his love to her, with acts, and not only words. I read that part of the book many times, and everytime I did it I fell more in love with this love story :)
Happy Valentine's day!


Ash said...

My fave is when she doesn't remember her love for him, but she feels it. Sometimes it is the feeling that is most important. Then, she get to re-live her love through his memories. I loved that part.


RaspberryGlace said...

That is a tough one; from the first book, their lips almost touched when her phone interrupted, to the second book, Patch explain to Nora about Rixon at the end...

My most favorite would definitely be in Silence. Patch and Nora at the Nightclub. Although I'm not a dancer myself but Patch and Nora on the dance floor, I find that romantic honestly. Not only that but that scene also brings me back to thinking the first book as well.I loved it!


Fabi said...

My favorite scene is in Silence,when Patch says to Nora that he likes to see her in his bed and says how much he missed her.Another one is when Patch invades the clothing tester when she imagines him at the prom with her!

Happy Valentine's Day for you!!!


♥Iffath said...

ALL OF THEM. The taco scene is especially awesome, ahaha.

And the “You smell good, too,” “It’s called a shower.” one is rather fantastic too XD


Angelika Kozmin said...
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Alecsa All said...

It's so hard to pick just one scene. Patch is awesome. He's number one in my "Hot boys from books" top.
Since in my country were published just the first two books i'll chose a scene from them.
I think the taco scene is one of the best..followed by the Motel scene. But again..there are really many awesome scenes.
I hope i'll have some luck just this time. :)

Happy Valentine's day!

Email : expelliarmus.all@gmail.com

rhynet said...

Love the almost kiss, Patch is so hot in that. DARN Mom calling. But it made it hot.

sweety said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

One of my favorites is Patch taking Nora to his home in silence.(and the scenes that follows)


Janica said...


I really love the scene in Crescendo where Patch said "I LOVE YOU" to Nora. I don't know but it really felt different (for me) when Patch said those words. And when he add "I'm happier right now than I remember being" my smile got really wide. Then I got annoyed with Hank Millar. But that's, okay. It's still my favorite part. :D


Happy Valetines Day!. :D

Chen Yan Chang said...

The kissing scene in the bathroom in HUSH, HUSH! ;)

Happy V-Day!

jadedlittlegirlx AT gmail DOT com

angiec said...

It's so hard to pick one scene! Cause,I have read all three!I like the toco scene and the ladies restroom scene and when they are in Delphic. But the one scene that sticks out to me is.. My favorite scene in Silence!! When Nora sees Patch in her dream..She tells him "Well I haven't forgotten you Patch.I see you in everything. I see flashes of black- the color of your eyes,your hair.I feel your touch,I remember the way you held me.."

Then the scene when Patch rests his hands on Nora's shoulders, tilts his forehead against hers and says "You're mine.Angel and I won't let anything change that."

Those scenes are romantic to me it shows what love really means. You can definitely feel the love that they share with eachother.

I always love when Patch calls Nora Angel :)


**~{KARiSXox.}~** said...

Best love sense would be .... ( at risk of being vague) that part when patch(jev) is holding Nora just being sweet and himself. I'm horrid at remembering specific parts but patch is such a perfect guy when no ones around that any moment between these two seems loving to me.

E-mail : rebel_chika96@hotmail.com

Zoe-Scarlett said...

My favourite scene between Patch and Nora would have to be at the end of book one when Patch goes to Noras house and she wants to talk but he wants to kiss and she ends up giving in because of his awesome making out skills!!!

My e-mail address is zoe-scarlett@live.co.uk but if that doesn't work then I also have a g-mail which is zoenunn94@googlemail.com

BeckyLouise said...

My favorite bit has to be 'Patch's arms enveloped me, holding me with an intensity that only made me want to sink deeper into him. He sucked some of the rain from my bottom lip, and I felt his mouth smile against mine. He swept my hair aside and kissed me just above the collarbone. He nibbled at my ear, then sank his teeth into my shoulders. I hung my fingertips on his waistband, tugging him closer. Patch buried his face in the curve of my shoulders, his hands flexing over his back. He gave a low groan. "I love you" he murmured into my hair. "I'm happier right now than I ever remember being".' I just think that this bit is so lovely and I was able to picture the scene (well I managed that with all the books:P) but I thought that after the time they had it was nice, shame it got ruined though! :)
Happy Valentines Day!!


Angelika Kozmin said...

I have two favourite parts between Nora and Patch, the first is at the beginning of the first book before they actually get together. They obviously have this chemistry and they are doing everything to avoid it. My next favourite part(more so than the first) is in Silence where Nora finally remembers her love for Patch and they find their way back to each other. This shows that love can conquer anything.


Dawn said...

Happy Valentines day! Really Hard to pick just one when there are sooo many. I think the scene that I like the best is in Silence where Nora touches Patches back where his wings should be. She asks Jev (Patch) why he would make a deals for her and he says "Angel." he murmured, clasping my face between his hands." I dont think you understand the lenghts I would go to if it means keeping you here with me."

Jéssica Ambrósio said...

Hi Becca, all right? First, I mean I'm brazilian, so forgive my english >. <
Like everyone else, my favorite scene is the first book in Nora's kitchen, making tacos. But I could tell when Patch save her from Dabria, not knowing what will happen to him, and not caring, just because he wants to live, changed the way I saw their relationship. You know, suddenly became very solid. I was in love with him since his first appearance, but this scene sealed my love for them.
Incidentally, thank you for sharing this incredible story :)
Kisses, Jessica Ambrosio - jeh.ambrosio @ gmail.com

Lily said...
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Lily said...

Hi, Becca! My favourite moment of all your Saga are connected with the beginning of Patch and Nora relationships. So I enjoy one of the first their love scenes the most - it's about preparing tacos and all that kitchen moment) My name is Lily, I'm from Russia, liliaspb@rambler.ru .

Vanessa said...

Can I apply for it? I'm not from the US, but I really love your books. If I can, I'll tell you my fav scene :D Although, I love all their love scenes <3
...the scene in the pool in the first book. when Patch teaches Nora how to play pool :P
and Happy valentine's day <3

Vanessa (from Ecuador)

Sasnhi said...

The end of Crescendo, when Patch gives the ring with his real name to Nora and then takes her to Delphic <3

-Gaby (gaby_dva_@hotmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Hush, Hush: (although I have about 4 absolute favourites, the pool playing scene, when they're in the motel, making tacos, and when they're in the ladies toilet at the cinema) I'm going to have to go with the Bathroom scene, the lines "like the way I feel about being locked up in here with you" and "You have no idea what you do to me" give me shivers *everytime*.

Crescendo: Definitely when they're back together and after the whole Rixon incident. When Patch brings Nora back to his place. (But before Hank walks in).

Silence: When Mr Motorbike gets a revival, (I missed that Bike when he dissappeared...) and Nora tells Patch to take her home and she spends the night there.

OVERALL: The Hush, Hush scene. (In the bathroom of the Cinema/Theatre). I feel bad for the other scenes now... :D

Happy Valentine's! <3

Pepittocska said...

Hi Becca! It's really difficult to choose the best scene(s) because all the love parts are fantastic. Of course, in Hush, hush my favorite scene was the taco-eating-almost-kiss-on-the-counter in Nora's kitchen. I had goose-bumbs, it was so great ^^ Then in Crescendo the best part was when Nora and Patch was making out in Nora's dream after Devil's Handbag. It was so romantic because Nora showed that she still loves Patch. My favorite scene in Silence was when Patch was in Nora's bedroom and Nora kissed him to show how much he means to her... and what comes after that. "He lowered me backward against the soft down of my pillows. He tasted deeper, holding himself over me, and suddenly he was everywhere; his knee trapping my leg, his lips grazing warm, rough, sensuous..." The Silence hasn't been published in my country yet but I have the English version of your books :) You are amazing, I love your books and I'm looking forward to reading book 4 ^^

Email: pepittocska@gmail.com

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Yeah, definitely the taco scene from the first book! Although there are tons of other moments too! Just can't recall them at the moment!!


jess said...

I love all of the love scene's between patch and nora.... My most favorite is the one at the end of the second book crescendo. Where patch give nora her ring back after having nora and jev engraved around the heart, then he tells her that he has gone roge and that he loves her... Also I love the movie theater womens bathroom one that one was great with so much detail... And then there is the scene in silence when he let's her touch his wing scars so she can see what they ment to each other to help her remember that one is so sweet I loved it... I love all of them really. These are such great books and I can't wait for the fourth book to come out to see what happens next and to see how closer patch (jev) and nora get....
Jessica seifrit

superdixie001 said...

My favorite seen was when on the first one where she called patch to pick her up And he says shes say with her <3

Felicia said...
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Felicia said...

Oh, I have many scenes that I love with Patch and Nora.

I actually like the one that is on the first page of Crescendo (except the prologue) when Patch is standing behind Nora with his hands on her hips and they're just standing there. I don't know why I like it so much, but I just do.

My mail: f_li_san@hotmail.com


Ale Navarro said...

My favorite love scene is at the end of Crecendo
When Patch tells Nora that he loves her and
That he has never been happier :)
I love your books and this by far my favorite
Series <3

hernameisavril said...

My favorite romantic scene between them is in Silence when Patch finally decides to help her recall her memories. He doesn't want to live in a world where she doesn't know who he is anymore. They go to his place and she slowly starts to recover her memories and they both share a passionate kiss :)


MellyOnline said...

I love the part in Hush, Hush after Nora throws herself off of the building. She's in her room thinking she's dead, and then Patch shows up. I just really love that part. It's one part where you can tell that Patch has feelings, and it's so darned cute :3

E-mail - melly_online@hotmail.com

Jéssica Fiaz said...

Growing up in the final scene, because it shows that patch really love Nora and was willing to do anything for her.
By Hank stop ...

Rachel498 said...

I love the scene at the end of Silence when Patch and Nora are at the cliffs near Delphic. The conversation they have is so cute and sweet. Especially when Patch tells Nora that he needs her and loved her first. *sighs*


CajsaEG said...

My favorite love scene is the one in Nora's Kitchen in the first book,Hush,hush. They are so close that you realy could feel the feelings. The moment right before the kiss is always the best. And this is as close as its gets. All the love and feelings, that are there even though she wont really admit it. And the danger. It's perfect.

Happy Valentine's!

Cajsa E.Granemalm


Oh wow I loved hush hush:D I have two.
First one would be the Taco scene. The way he got soo close and kinda like teasing her when he had her on the counter:)
Second would have to be that little part at the hotel, the little spark after her shower when she came out and then again when he got out in just his jeans and pulled her close:D
loved it <3

Anonymous said...

my favorite scene is definitely the club scene in which Patch and Nora were dancing (in Silence). It was so cute and was almost nostalgic for Nora. They are a great couple with amazing chemistry :)
Thanks for the giveaway!
Alyssa Sooklal

Evelina said...

My favorite love scene between Patch and Nora is probably in the end of Crescendo when he tells her his real name, and tells her he loves her.... Just that whole scene is amazing! I actually tear up ever time I read it! :')

email: evelina.ohlund.mp10@lulea.ntig.se

Priska said...

My favorite love scene between Patch and Nora is definitely in the first book, Hush hush, at Bo's arcade. I love how Patch attempts to teach Nora how to play pool. He's so sweet! <3


Shannon said...

The scene that I would say is my favorite is at the end of Crescendo; when Patch finally tells Nora that he loves her <3 So sweet (:


T-Marie-Lee said...

my favorite scene would have to be when Nora is trying to find stuff out about Patch at his work and he finds her in the bathroom that was a hot scene!


Kayla said...
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Colleen said...

I love in Crescendo, when Patch comes into Nora's dream to apologize. I would love for my guardian angel boyfriend to care that much. My second favorite love scene is at the end of Crescendo when Patch tells Nora that he loves her and
That he is happier then he has ever been.

Kayla said...

Hello. My favorite scene would have to be when Nora says "Right then, I wanted to go back in time and relive every moment with him. One more secret smile, one more shared laugh. One more electric kiss. Finding him was like finding someone I didn't know I was searching for. He'd come into my life too late, and now was leaving too soon. I remembered him telling me he'd give up everything for me. He already had. He'd given up a human body of his own so I could live." and " "We still have a lot to talk about," I said. "Talk?" He shook his head, his eyes full of desire. Kiss, he whispered to my thoughts. It wasn't a question, but a warning. He grinned when I didn't protest, and lowered his mouth toward min. The first touch was just that - a touch. A teasing, tempting softness. I licked my lips and his grin deepened. "More?" he asked. I curled my hands into his hair, pulling him closer. "More."" I think they are from the beginning of Crescendo but they might be from the end of Hush, Hush. I love the books, those two quotes though just remind me of my boyfriend. Anyway. Happy Valentines day to everyone!
~ Kayla Osborne~

Jessica Louise Livermore Wright said...

My favourite love scene has to be the first day they met in science class.. I've use that line so many times... 'It's called a shower, soap, water.'
I don't know why but the first time you meet is always one you remember, and I think Nora and I will remember the first time she and Patch met for a very, very long.


Anonymous said...
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BrokenxxHallelujah said...
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Liz Jonas said...

Hello Becca! Happy Valentine's day! Well, my favorite love scene between Patch and Nora happens in Silence. When in chapter 20, he tells Nora that he made a pact with Hank to save her life but she doesn't understand why. So he grabs her face with both hands and tells her that he would do anything to keep her close to him.

Can't wait for the 4th book! :D


abaigh said...
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Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the Patch/Nora relationship is in Silence when Nora recognizes that she is Nephilim and is afraid Patch won't want to have anything to do with her because of it but instead he says they will figure it out together. I feel like this is a big turning point for them because they are finally at the point that they can accept each other for who they really are and they still want to be together and work through things together even though they are technically supposed to despise each other. This is also the first time that their relationship is anywhere close to stable which is ironic since they are teaming up to stop a war.


HaleyRandolph said...

Theres too many to choose! But since I have to choose my favorite is when he first called her Angel in Hush Hush because that was the start of everything! He was a fallen angel and Angels are above him and even though he first intended on killing her he already adored her! Not very romantic to some but without it I wouldnt get those little butterflies every time I read about him with his little smirk calling her Angel :)


I love these books so much!

abaigh said...
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Anonymous said...

Its extremely hard to pick just one moment from such an amazing series of books... You are truly talented, and one of my favourite authors. But if i had to pick one it would be the when Nora is on Marcie's roof, and she is too scared to jump. It is such a funny yet loving scene between the two characters. But i will always love how Patch calls Nora Angel... <3

akafred32092 said...

My favorite moment between patch and nora would have to either be when he risks everything to save her from rixon or when he starts visiting her in her dreams so he knows that they can be together without being overheard by the archangels.
(also, it's been a while since i've read hush, hush, so i probably would like some of their moments from there, but they aren't really fresh in my memory lol)

Rebecca Marno xxxxxx said...

My fav love scene, while kinda weird, is when patch first goes to Nora's house to kill her and ends up almost making out with her. Wish the world had guys like patch xxx

ajohnson said...
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HaleyRandolph said...

Theres too many to choose! But since I have to choose my favorite is when he first called her Angel in Hush Hush because that was the start of everything! He was a fallen angel and Angels are above him and even though he first intended on killing her he already adored her! Not very romantic to some but without it I wouldnt get those little butterflies every time I read about him with his little smirk calling her Angel :)


I love these books so much!

abaigh said...

when Nora sacrifice her own life so that patch can be happy and then patch rejects Nora's sacrifice because he cant be without her <3

Now that is true love.


ajohnson said...

<3 Got a signed copy of Silence for xmas, I burst into tears <3 Thank you so much <3 <3 I have two favourite parts in the books 1) Where Patch and Nora have a make-out session in her dream because they can't be seen together 2) When Nora can't remember about Jev in the third book and she enters his thoughts with nothing and he makes her forget again <3
3) Where Nora sacrifices her own life for patch so he can be happy then patch rejects Noras sacrifice because she makes jev happy <3


AveilKokoah said...

I love every love scene between Nora and Patch from Hush, Hush to Silence. But I have to say the one that made me giddy and set an entire net of butterflies loose in my stomach would be in Chapter 21 of Hush, Hush when Nora's roaming around Portland. Just the intimacy of the description as she calls Patch and when he arrives and gives her his shirt without hesitation and she wraps her arms around his neck and he just comforts her and... and.... GAH! I dunno what it was but it was just so... cute... ;_; *sniff* <3


SAD Teen said...

I think I'm picking one that's slightly unorthodox. One because Nora is not directly in the scene and two because initially, I'm sure it would not be classed as romantic. Especially as it's something I would hope no boyfriend/husband/partner would have to go through (even though they never could as they're not angels, but I digress!).

The very first scene of Silence speaks volumes to me about Patch's love for Nora.

Firstly, you see the toll Nora's kidnapping has had on Patch "He hadn't shaved in days, his hair was unruly and unkempt, and there were worry lines around his mouth."

Personally, I love how as soon as Hank starts to make one threat saying "If you've wasted my time tonight, it's going to be an unpleasant night for your girlfriend. One call, and she goes hungry--" Patch reacts so strongly. How he goes to the lengths he does in an attempt to free Nora. "If she walks free in the next two minutes, I'll kill you quickly. Anything longer than that, and I will rip you apart, one piece at a time."

How Patch reacts to hearing Hank say "Did she know she screamed your name? Over and over. She said you'd come for her. That was the first couple of days, of course. I think she's finally starting to accept you're no match for me." The anger Patch displays at this, it's heartbreaking. It's almost as if he doesn't want to believe it because he's still fighting for her, but deep down he knows it true.

Then after Hank orders one of his men to make sure Nora goes without food for 48hours, Patch just becomes so chlling.
"I'll kill you." "I swear now, with these men as my witnesses, I will not rest until you are dead." "Every hand you lay on here I will return tenfold" "Remember this moment. It's going to come back to haunt you"

All of this makes it sound like Patch is in control. But once he realises he isn't, when he becomes so desperate that he offers to give Hank his wings. Wow.

Of course, it's been obvious for a long time that Patch loved Nora. But that utter dovotion he shows in this opening, the lengths he'll go to get her back, the sacrifices he'll make... it made be really believe he loved her. True love.

Although it was a horrible situation to show it in and I'm sure not many would class it as 'romantic', because let's admit that it's not exactly roses and candles, this story has never been that.

I felt that this chapter was a really real glimpse into Patch's emotions. What he felt ws so real.

That's why that scene tops my list. :)


baby lacey 96 said...

My favorite rampancy seen between patch and Nora would have to be in the first book when they are at her house alone and he sets her on the counter and attempts to kiss her I think it's adorable :)

Unknown said...

My favorite love scene between Patch and Nora occurred in Hush Hush. It's in the biology class when Nora is first seated by Patch, and they are asked about potential mates. I thought it was adorable how Patch described Nora, then proceeded to embarrass her by pointing out that she was acting like she wanted him, because subconsciously, she did. That was the first moment that truly made me smile and made me realize what a good match they were.

I have only read the first book, so I would love a signed set so I can catch up. C:


Anonymous said...

I have two favorite love scenes. I wouldn't really call the first one a love scene, but I just loved the tension that was going on! Both are in the first book.

The first is when Nora and Patch are in biology and when he's evaluating her. I really love that scene, he's just talking away and evaluating every bit of Nora almost in a loving way rather meaning to embarrass her in front of the coach and the class.

My next favorite scene is when Patch and Nora are in the kitchen making tacos. There was just a lot of teasing going on and I wished he would have kissed her, only the phone call ruined the moment!


Meghan&Ash&Nora&Jev1234 said...

Becca, YOU'RE ASKING ME TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!!! They're all, every single scene, my favorites. You're tied with Julie Kagawa for my all-time favorite author. If I had to do the impossible, it would be the scene when Patch gave Nora the engraved ring with his name. That one scene made me cry, smile, squeal-like-fangirl. I don't know why, maybe because I always wanted to know Patch's real name. When I read it was Jev, I flipped. Definetly my fav scene. it was a hard decision, though.
When I got you're 2nd & 3rd books at Christmas, it took five minutes for me to stop running around the house, screaming "I GOT THEM, I REALLY GOT THEM!!!!!"
I love your work, and can't wait for your next book! Oh, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!
My email is: jib1008@hotmail.com

xxbaileexx said...

It's so hard to just pick one! But, I think my absolute favorite love scene would have to be at the end of crescendo when they're finally back together again and he takes her to delphic and they're in his shed! The moment is just so perfect! And he finally tells her he loves her! I was so happy when he told her! <3
Email: baileeaboyd@gmail.com

MissExcuse said...

In silence when he says "..you smell good" "Its called a shower...soap, shampoo, hot water" "Iknow the drill" just like in the first book! oh i swear i had the biggest smile on my face when that happened.. because thats when she knew that shes heard this before. <3 Another i love is when she finds him in her dreams and he doesnt expect her, he gets so worried but at the same time wants to talk to her but cant... just amazing also :)

shay said...

My favourite part has to be in Silence when Patch and Nora are in his studio kissing. This is because even though she lost her memory she was still able to feel their connection and that is what true love is. It also shows how powerful their love is and even after all they've been through they still find enough time to show their affections for each other.

maiseybear said...

I love the part at the end of Silence when patch and nora finally said i love you to one another. And then to prove how much patch respected nora he let them sleep in seperate beds.

maiseybear said...

Shoot my email maisey93@hotmail.com

Goldie said...

The part where Patch says Nora smells good, and she says she showered, and the way Patch respondeddd.... HAHAHA LOVE THAT. Burst out laughing randomly over that.

BRbookworm said...

If i could pick all of the books i would but to narrow it down... :S
For me it would probably be between:

- the epic tacco scene, it was/is tense and what everyone has been waiting for. :)
- when she is trying to remember him , committing every line of his face to memory. i have to say this had me bawlin like a baby, you just wanted them to be together so bad... ah I'm getting all emotional again :/ anyway...

- the last would be at the end of silence when he gives her the ring with their names carved into it, just when you finally thought it was all over, they're ripped (rather physically) apart again.:( couldn't wait for the next book after that :)

however i know that if i had to narrow it down to one it would be the tacco scene, it stuck in my memory and i always skip to that part to make myself feel better when I'm down.

just like to say, i adore your books and cannot wait for 'Finale'

or choccherry@hotmail.co.uk

Acacia Flynn said...

Not sure if this counts but i would have to say the FIRST time Patch and Nora meet. Like, FIRST TIME. The way he watches her, you can sorta see he thinks SOMETHING of her, and then when they do get to talking, the teasing nature between the two seems natural and REAL. And of course really cute :3
So yeah... there are so many others, but thats really one of the best.

Ju said...

Hello Becca,
I write from Brazil, because I am passionate about the Path and the first scene that came to my mind was the first book when he is with Norah in the kitchen and whispers in her ear and the flame angel, so cute!
I look forward to the last book of this beautiful story, congratulations on your work.
Kisses, Juliane
My email is: juliane3003@hotmail.com

Annelie said...

I had to think real deep but it must have been in book 2 the end. He deeply cared for Nora to bring her to his place. it was just so sweet and everything.

xoxo Annelie

hhaws7384 said...

I'd have to go with the end of silence. I loved patches point of view. But the last paragraph "without thinking he turned, stealing a private look at her. He'd only meant to see her face one last time, but to his suprise, she was watching him, too, with a question in those exquiste gray eyes that would haunt him. " to me it was clearly love at first site.

Izida said...

It is hard for me to choose only one moment because this is one of my most favorite book series. After all I will pick one of the many in the first book because everything starts with Book One, right? :) Here we are at chapter 22, where they are in a motel and Nora is wet to the bone. I like this scene because while I was reading it (and rereading it) i was laughing and blushing at the same time. When Patch is paying, Nora tells him he is crazy, and he, with his naughty smile, tells her he is, but he is crazy about her. Lovely, isn't it? I like his laugh when they extinguish the candle and how she is so shy... We all know what's happening after that but from this chapter I most like the end of it when Nora sees his wing scars in the mirror. Both Nora and Patch are strained when she touches them but for me this touch is very romantic. I think that was the first time when she really realises that Patch is a fallen anglel and there's something darker in his life despite all the smiles and jokes. There was something really personal and I got strained too...

P.S. Happy Valentine's day :P


hushhushfanatic3 said...

Hi Becca!! :)
My favorite scene (even tho its alot to pick from) is When Patch ask Nora on a date and Nora says "I don't go out with strangers." and Patch says "Good thing i do, pick you up at 5"
SOOO cute! i deff. wish i could meet a guy like Patch. I love you soooo much Becca!!
Email : sidshell97@gmail.com

Amanda said...

My favorite love scene is in crescendo wen they pull up to Nora's house and Nora is straddling Patch's lap and Nora says "Don't ever leave me." And he says "You're mine, Angel,"... "You have me forever." Then she says "Show me u mean it." Then he takes off his necklace and puts it around her neck... When he says "Your turn." She takes off her ring and gives it to him wen she tells him her dad gave it to her he trys to give it back and tells her that he cant take that cause he knows how much it means to her... And she insists that he takes it... Then she tells him she loves him....

They loved and trusted eachother enough that she gave him that ring and he gave her that necklace...


Isabela Carvalho said...

Hey Becca, I'm from Brazil and I LOVE SO MUCH Hush Hush!
I guess my favorite scene is in the end of silence, when Patch and Nora say (finally!) that they love each other! I wait for that talk to much ;)

So, Happy Valentine's Day 4 everyone!

xoxo, Isabela =*


Unknown said...

My favorite scene would have to be when Patch and Nora are underground together in SILENCE. Sometimes they can just relax and be in love for a bit before jumping back into action. They get to talk and have their somewhat 'normal' moments. Then there are times when they're underground and they are remembering the past and I love those times as well because you get to re-read their past and how they came to meet and fall in love. The underground moments are great because it's like they're in a safe haven and they can talk about anything because no one can touch them there.
I love their relationship! <3
If I win, please contact me at my Goodreads account here:

LaceyLou said...

My favorite love scene between Patch and Nora is at the end of Silence! Here is the part:
" Not yet " I said
Patch arched a dark eyebrow . " Not yet to leaving , or not yet to leaving to me ?"
" I have questions ." I gave him a meaningful look .
A smile tugged at his mouth , but it didn't mask a wavering note of uncertainty ." I should have known you've only been keeping me around for answers . "
" Well , that and your kisses . Anyone ever tell you your an incredible kisser ?"
"The only person whose opinion I care about is right here ." He tipped my chin up to level our eyes ." We don't have to go back to my place , Angel .I can take you home , if that's what you want . Or , if you decide you want to sleep at my place , on opposite sides of my bedroom with a Do Not Cross line drawn down the middle , I'll do it . I won't like it , but I'll do it . "
Touched by his sincerity , I hooked my finger under his shirt , trying to find the right gesture to show my appreciation . My knuckle brushed toned skin beneath , and desire shattered me . Why , oh why , did he make it so easy to feel too much , all sensation , blazing and devouring , and forget reason ?
" If you haven't guessed it already , " I said , something fervent and resonating slipping into my tone , " I need you , too ."
" Is that a yes ?" He asked , pushing his fingers through my hair , fanning out around my shoulders and searching my face intently ." Please let it be a yes ," he said with a gravely edge ." Stay with me tonight let me hold you , even is that's all it is . Let me keep you safe ."
As my answer , I slipped my fingers between his , twining us together . I met his kiss with unrepentant boldness , greedy and recklessness , feeling his touch loosening my joints , melting me in places I didn't know existed breaking me down , one kiss at a time , reeling me farther and farther out of control , casting me into solid heat , dark and provocative , until there was only him and only me . Until I didn't know were I stopped and he began .

Musicgal92 said...

my favorite scene is when in hush hush patch and nora are doing the dishes at her house and they end up kissing and when nora tells patch to take his hat off i was like DAMNN. but too bad they got interrupted by the phone call.

i thought that scene was intense and just plain out hot.


Megan said...

I have but the first one I'll tell just for you to know i love it. The love scene I choose is the second one.

The first is the scene of the kitchen counter. Absolutely amazing. Romantic, sensual, perfectly sinful. It shows how much they want and love each other. How they are connected emotionnaly but also physically, gravitating to one another.

The other one is the first scene of Silence. In the cemetery, Patch accepts to offer his wings, to lose them, for them to be ripped apart by someone he hates moe than anything, just to protect Nora. To me, it shows how much he loves her and how he's willing to sacrifice all he has to keep her safe. My heart clenched at that scene and I forgot to breathe for several moments.

We can only hope to find the kind of love these 2 share one day. I hope. :)
Thank you so much for writing this story.


Sha_24 said...

Hi Ms Fitzpatrick - I just sent you a tweet on twitter a few minutes ago. You are an amazing writer and can't wait till the final book comes out!! =D I have 2 favourite scenes - the first one is when Patch and Nora are in the bio classroom and Coach has just asked Patch what attracts him to a partner and he mentions everything to do with Nora, then states that she's doing it right now - I think that part was just so cheeky, a little embarrassing, but also really cute!! :) and my other favourite is when Patch has finished making tacos for them to eat and they are about to kiss but then Nora's phone goes off =P
I have one more fave scene, sorry!!! Its in crescendo, at the end of the book when Patch shows up at Nora's house and confesses his love for her after everything they've been through so far :)
my email address: sha.huff24@gmail.com
Thank you for being brilliant and inspiring!! :)

LaceyLou said...
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Lesley said...

My favorite scene is in Hush, Hush when they almost kiss but they are interrupted.
It's cute and sexy and has so much tension. Loved it! I knew then I was hooked into the series.

Pê Mariano said...

It's just so hard for to me choose only one scene... haha
But anyways, I need to say that I have this obsession with the extra chapter with Patch's POV. I actually wrote a post on my blog just to comment about it. It's a little bit long, so if you want you should read it here: http://callmepatch.tumblr.com/post/17174565265
But to be short, I love this chapter because it's the most sincere dialogue that Patch and Nora have ever had. He, introducing him as "Jev", trusting her ever since the first moment, and Nora just smiling at him... It's amazingly beautiful.
Xx, Esperanza

LetsLaughUntilWeChoke said...

My favorite scene of Nora and Patch (if I must choose!!!) would have to be towards the end when they are about to leave Hank alone, locked away and Nora notices a ball of fire and Patch's black feather in Hank's hands. Without a thought, in the blink of an eye she raises the gun she'd had and pulls the trigger. Despite saying she didn't want to kill him, it all changed when she knew Patch was in trouble. She didn't care if it was murder or wrong or anything- she HAD to save her love. To me that's a very strong, deep, true love. If you love someone so much you'll do anything, go to the ends of the earth, yeah I love that♥

naath. said...

OMG! It's so hard to choose only one scene between Patch and Nora!!!! But I REALLY LOVE the scene when they're making tacos, in "Hush, Hush"!! That scene drove me crazy, hahahahahah, It was SO exciting!
Ok, now I think that that is my favorite scene ever!

Happy Valentine's Day, Becca!! And thanks for this amazing saga and the best scenes ever! <3


e-mail: nati_dayse@hotmail.com

valentinogal78 said...

My favorite scene was in the Book silence when patch takes nora to his apartment and theres a real steamy makeout part where wraps her legs around patches waist.. amazing.

valentinogal78 said...

My favorite scene was in the Book silence when patch takes nora to his apartment and theres a real steamy makeout part where wraps her legs around patches waist.. amazing.

valentinogal78 said...

My favorite scene was in the Book silence when patch takes nora to his apartment and theres a real steamy makeout part where wraps her legs around patches waist.. amazing.

sabinas said...

My favorite part is when they're riding the Archangel and Norah falls off and Patch is supposed to kill her but he couldn't.. And when he tells her that he couldn't, well that just made me go aaaw, he really likes her ;) in hush, hush by the way :) and every time he calls her angel..

E-mail: sabinascott96@gmail.com

Jessica said...

My favorite love scene is the argument and temporary breakup of Nora and Patch, Pages 48-58 in Crescendo.

I know it probably won't count because it may not be considered a love scene. However you can feel the love, stubbornness and fear of loosing one another. It leaps off the pages.

Their argument is filled with so much passion, vulnerability and realness. They sound like any other teen couple breaking up, except patch has been around for ever. My heart breaks at Patch's incredulousness once he realizes Nora is trying to end things with him. Everything about this tension filled scene gives me butterflies in my stomach. From Patch prying the door knob loose from Nora's hand and shutting the door with his foot when she tries to get him to leave, to when he tilts Nora's chin up towards him and he gives her a forceful kiss and she in turn rubs her chin resentfully. I think I read that scene over and over several times.

This is the only series, where I have really enjoyed each book that comes out. Usually I lose interest after the first book in a series, I think it is because the initial mystery and tension is over. However, Becca has kept it going strong through three books!

MyFallenAngel said...
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flick77 said...

I have two favourite scenes they are in hush hush when patch turns up at Nora door as the security guy to install a system and he speaks to her mind and kisses her and she asks for more . The second would be in silence it when shes dreaming about the guy in black (patch) and ends up in a dream with him where they can communicate and he still trying to protect her but for that dream she can remember who he is after being made to forget him and not knowing who he is after she meets him again when her mind was wiped . To me that's one of the best scene as it shows that their love can beat even memory being wiped .

valentinogal78 said...

My favorite scene was in silence when patch take nora to his apartment and theres a real intense make-out scene where nora jumps on patch he has her against the wall and she has her legs wrapt around patches waist.. very sexy. Also in hush hush in the hotel where they make out. karleequiroz78@gmail.com

flick77 said...

Oh and here's my email address felicityferguson75@googlemail.com

Maiary Rodrigues said...

My favorite scene is in Silence, when Hank is about to burn off the feather and Nora suddenly shoots him. I think that was a great proof of love (and despair) for Patch!


theresalwaysJ said...

I loved it in Silence when Patch mentions to Nora she smells good and she says "It's called a shower... Soap, shampoo, hot water." It's a total deja vu of a conversation they had together in Hush Hush before Nora lost her memory. Patch is obviously in pain from the love he feels for Nora and the repeat conversation is a reminder of the snarky Nora he loves. doggy_paddle7@msn.com

Ashley Landry said...

My favorite love scene of Patch and Nora is when they are in Nora's kitchen. I'm a sucker for tense moments, you ma'am are the queen of sexual/violent tension. In that moment you don't know if Patch is going to killer her or kiss her. And then the phone rings and everything is deflated like a balloon having the air suddenly let out of it.

Ashley Landry

Desy said...

Hi Becca!! I only read Hush Hush and I waiting for Crescendo!
My favourite love scene between Patch and Nora is when she realised that she wants to kiss him!

In the spanish book it says:

De repente, él me levantó y me sentó en la encimera. Mi cara estaba al mismo nivel que la suya y me petrificó con una sonrisa oscura y tentadora. Fue entonces cuando me di cuenta que desde hace días, este momento había estado danzando los límites de mis fantasías.

In english is something like:

Suddenly, he picked me up and sat me on the counter. My face was level with his and froze me with a smile, dark and inviting. It was then that I realized that for days that moment had been dancing the limits of my fantasies.

Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

Mackie said...

Hi Becca! Happy Valentines day!
My favourite scene in Hush, Hush...thats hard :D
But if i have to choose..theres two. First one is in Hush Hush, when Nora&Patch are at chemistry and the coatch is asking Patch what would be his ideal girlfriend and he replies: attractive, intelligent and vulnerable. And then he describes how he knows if she likes him: Does she turn her body toward mine? Does she hold me eyes, then look away? Does she bite her lip and play with her hair, the way Nora is doing right now?
And then, their knees touch and Nora blushes.. Its the perfect moment...
And my second favorite scene was in Silence when Nora desnt remember Patch but their talking and Patch sais: You smell good.
And Nora replies: It’s called a shower. Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.
And Patch: Naked. I know the drill.
It is the same conversation they had in the first book Hush, hush and Patch remember it but cant say it and it just so funny&romantic...

So, that was my favourite parts.. And what is your favorite part, Becca? :D
Lots of love, your big fan

Anonymous said...

Defintely the motel scene! Omg I read it like every night, its so seductive yet sweet. It built up the moment to the kiss so perfectly, but then she wrecked it by biting him! :P typical Nora....

Mackie said...

Oh, and here is my e-mail address: jessy.art@hotmail.com

PS: so sorry for my bad english!

Nastazia said...

My answer could be the taco or the motel scene in 'Hush Hush'; Patch's willingness to bid logic farewell and go rogue or the shed scene in 'Crescendo'. But I find the scenes in 'Silence' much more powerful because there's constantly an underlying heartbreak in the romance. The dance scene in the club where they're hiding from the Nephilim is definitely a favourite one -the flashback Nora's line "it's called a shower" triggers renders the scene even more intense for me-, but nothing tops the one where Patch takes Nora to his place for the first time; the flirting that follows, the memories he willingly shares with her, the revelations these memories bring, Nora's emotional & physical exploration and the apparent desperation in Patch's kiss for he finally has her in his arms again. The beloved line "You are mine Angel" sums everything up beautifully, I think!

Email: xiromerisiou.ana@gmail.com

Golden Swan said...

God! Among alll my favorite scenes? Umm let me think! Is from Crescendo, and it's and I laughed the *** out of it! But I just loved it!
When Nora is at Marcie's party at her place, and tries to hid herself from her with the diary on her hands; Patch sees her and convinces her to jump into his arms. I particularly think this is one of their several love proves because here is shown in what degree Nora trusts Patch, assuring he won't let her fall, indeed he catches her gently. After that, Patch tries unsuccessfuly to run away with her, also mentioning he himself deeply loves her and he would give up on anything to spend time with her, even if that means he'll have to go to hell later.
But, that's only one of my favorites, Nora and Patch have became my favorite couple, and Patch is now my top dreamed guy *-* I absolutely LOVE Nora and Patch, ow, they're so SWEET!

my e-mail is: twidanihuyke@live.com

Iza said...

Hey Becca!!
I am from Brazil and here the Valentines day is June 12th, but I think no matter which day is, it makes us feel different, kind of a feeling... that the love can really exist and we can found that, it's just look.

And I think is that what's happend with Pach and Nora, they found each other and began to love. Because of that my favorite love scene between them is in the end of Hush Hush, in the chapter 30 when Nora question to Pach why he give up of a human body because of her and he answers like that:

"What I use to have a human body if I don't have you?"

I think that's scene is so cut and represent so well their love, that's scene is perfect for me.

And, of course, I can't forget of taco's scene...I love that...all the passion there is, that's amazing!!

Becca, thanks for written one of my favorite books ever!!


My e-mail is: izagriggio@hotmail.com

Steph said...

I dont know if you've already chosen someone to win but I'll post this anyway! - My favourite romantic scene is when at the end of crescendo when Patch and Nora are together and he says "I love you,I'm happier right now than I ever remember being." Cutest line ever! :D My email: stephanie-m@tiscali.co.uk :)

Unknown said...

Mind would have to be... The scene where.... The taco stand one, when he was about to kiss her, but her phone goes off, interrupting them.

There are more, but I need to re-read the books...


Anonymous said...

Because I've read all 3 I will pick one from each book :)
Book One: I love the moment where Patch and Nora were at her house and Patch wraps her hand in her sleeve and lifted her on the counter and began kissing her.
Book Two: Patch take Nora's to his place and said "I Love you" for real before Hank interupts them
Book Three: [this one kills me when Nora couldnt remember :(] When Patch entered into Nora's mind and had her try on the dress that patch very much like.

Email: katnequette(at)hotmail(dot)com

inhumancreationx said...
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Anonymous said...

The taco scene from Hush, Hush, definitely <2


Viviana said...

the very first meeting between patch and nora, in the cafe of Enzo. When Patch realized the sensations felt by Nora. i'm sorry if my english isn't the best. thaks, my mail: flaquis189@hotmail.com

inhumancreationx said...

My favorite scene is when Nora gets into patches dream for the first time when she lost her memory. It has such meaning because it shows, nothing can destroy the love she has for him. It shows that even through all the crap she's been through, all the power in the world can never pull her apart from her true love. It just has such a true meaning of what her love really meant because she was never suppose to remember patch, she was never suppose to see him again but her heart spoke louder than her mind. It showed hope for them throughout the book and it revealed how strong their love actually was.

email : justnicole-x@hotmail.com

Golden Swan said...

Oh, I almost forget!
Becca, I want to say a big, fat "THANK YOU" for inspiring me! You're one of my favorites authors, and Hush, Hush is a MASTERPIECE! I've recommended the books a lot, I won't get over them! They're amazing, and perfect! You made me believe again in true love, in ironic-true love, made me believe that uncheesy love books exist, and I can stick to them! You have made Hush, hush and fallen angels my bests obsessions.

I'll rewrite my e-mail: twidanihuyke@live.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca. Thanks for hosting this contest.

My favorite love scene between Nora and Patch is from SILENCE during the dream sequence after Nora finds the note in her bedroom. Nora knows it's Patch, but doesn't know how she knows. And Patch is caught off guard, vulnerable, at seeing her. And long recap short short, after Nora struggled to regain pieces of her memory, Patch erases her memory of the dream to protect her. My heart ached for both of them.

I'm looking forward to reading FINALE. Thanks again.

Closureexists said...

I love the Hush, hush saga. :D It's the ultimate reread. My favorite scene is when Patch and Nora are at Marcie Millar's party, and he is telling Nora that he wants to be with her forever; he doesn't care what the archangels think. He would risk it to be with her. When Nora pushes him away, that proves how much she loves him. The ultimate love story.

Liang said...

First, I want to say that I love'' hush hush''
Is very difficult ... but;

my favorite scene is the chapter 13, the part where Nora goes to the borderline and she will disguise itself to discover things about Patch, but in the end, she has been discovered in the bathroom, I died laughing at that scene

Email: gnail97@gmail.com

PS: Sorry for the english, i'm from Brazil.

Bookmom4 said...

Crescendo is my favorite of the series so far (though it's a close race!!), and my favorite scene was when Nora finally remembers 'her Patch' by watching their memories as she touches his wing scars. It was SO hard getting through the sections of Silence and Crescendo where they were separated, and I impatiently awaited their emotional reunion. You didn't disappoint, it was a beautiful scene when she finally realizes she loves him and they give in (just a little!) to their passion. *sigh* Love it!!

PaullinhaLeiras said...
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PaullinhaLeiras said...
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PaullinhaLeiras said...

I'm from Brazil and I love this store. Nora and Patch are so strong and they have such a powerful love. And it's really awesome to know that love is the same in everywhere. Well, I think my favorite scene is when Patch is on Nora's house and they are preparing some Tacos. In that scene Nora discovered that she has more than fear for Patch. She discovered that she has a strongly connection with him. And I think that love is that. Is when you discover that you can have mixed feelings. You can be scared by someone. It's normal. But more than that you realize that you belong to the person. And Nora in that scene, for the first time, feels that. Feels that she really belongs to Patch. And love is that.

e-mail: pclfer@globo.com

OnaMaeSillyPants said...

My favorite scene from the book was in Silence when Patch was trying to make Nora remember him. He was showing her the night she was taken from him in the end of Cresendo. He was showing her how he was doing everything in his power to save his true love. He was trying to show her how he truly felt and how them trying to take Nora make him dye inside. He would have died for her. If that's not true love then I don't know what is.
Ona Chapman

Anonymous said...

My favorit scene was in Crescendo when Path tells Mora that he lovers her at the end

KarmenToo_ said...
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JP said...
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Joanna said...

My favorite scene is when Nora and Patch are talking in her bedroom after she fell down from the rafter to kill Chauncey, and Patch kisses her fingers and tells her: "What good is a human body if I can't have you?"
I like that scene because it shows his emotions for the first time after all that Iwantedtokillyou stuff and we can see, then, how important Nora is to him, which made him gave up on what he wanted so badly.

My email is: jozinha12@hotmail.com

KarmenToo_ said...

First, lets start by saying that you are the BEST author out there ;o My friend and I bought Hush Hush because the cover looked very awesome :3 But obviously, the book itself was very awesome as well! I simply LOVE all three books and cant wait for the fourth one. <> <3

--It's really hard to just choose ONE favourite scene, but i guess, my most favourite scene that made me giggle like a little schoolgirl was definitely the part where Patch tells Nora : "Call me Patch. I mean it. Call Me." That one line in the first chapter made me fall in love with the book instantly and i never put it down~!--


Happy Valentines Day Becca ~ <3

Liliane Aurelino said...

My favorite scene from the book was in Hush, Hush when Patch and Nora make tacos. It was so Hot. I love Patch,absolutely.

CatholicGirl said...

Happy V-day! My favorite part is when Nora dreams herself into Patch's studio, I enjoyed the forshadowing there, and he says "wait. Hank is alone with you right now?"
I nodded.
"Wake up. I'm coming to see you"
I really liked the rest of the scene where they talk in Nora's room about their partnership in Hank's evenual demise.

strawberri.charmz said...

My favourite scene was in Hush Hush, the very beginning where Nora just met Patch. I love all the different love scenes from the series, but the beginning was the most memorable. It was one of those beginnings where I wished would have happened to me and let the story continue its flow in my life. It's not a real direct love scene, but one that started it all, the subtlety that makes it so real yet magical.

This series was definitely one that left me hanging in crescendo, and eagerly waiting for the fourth book. If Patch was a reality, I think I would be in heaven. He has the perfect mix of bad and mysterious with that tinge of compassion.

<3 Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day!


bigdreams-17 said...

I'd have to say my favourite love scene between Patch and Nora is when she goes to his ACTUAL place for the first time. It was such a sweet moment :) For me, it symbolizes how Patch truly trusts and loves Nora now. He takes her to the most private place for people -- their house/bedroom. :)

bigdreams-17 said...

I forgot to include my email...it's gnahal.3@gmail.com :)

LaceyLou said...
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LaceyLou said...

I posted a comment at 5:39 and then posted another one with my email, but the email was wrong! The right one is LaceyMaddox91108@hotmail.com

I'm so sorry!

Jaz Parks said...

Hi Becca Happy V-Day to you too! :D My fav romantic scene it's on Hush Hush, when Nora and Patch return from the Delphic and they cook mexican food together.. and THEY ALMOST KISS!

my email is dani dot prmr at hotmail dot com


TeeDee said...

My favorite scene is from Hush Hush where Patch says to Nora "I'm not going to kill you, Nora. I don't kill people who are important to me. And you top the list." I just love the scene.


Anonymous said...

I like all of the romantic scenes from Hush Hush, so this is really hard. One of my favorites is not a really passionate scene, but rather a tender one. Nora is hiding from Dabria in her bedroom closet. She hears someone enter the room. Thinking it's probably Dabria she grabs the closest thing to hand--shoes and starts flinging them. Patch dodges a couple and then wrests the third one out of her grip and pulls Nora out of the closet and into his arms. He isn't snarky or sarcastic and for once they're not sparring.

Nora's a nervous wreck in this book--her world is suddenly full of supernatural creatures who want to hurt her, she's questioning her sanity, she's questioning Patch's motives, and she's always about to faint from lack of iron. That caring hug from Patch is something that she really needs.

I'm so glad I met you at the Mall of America!

Deborah Goschy goschys@yahoo.com

Megan Gunn said...

My absolute favorite moment is at the end of "Crescendo" at Delphic Park, when Patch & Nora are in the utility shed. This moment is so intense and Passionate! I Love it! Even thought they are Tragicly interupted by The Black Hand!!

"I turned, absorbing the heat of his body. Patch tipped my chin up and kissed me. The kiss was warm and sent a shiver of pleasure through me. His hair was damp from rain, and I could smell a faint trace of soap. Our mouths slipped over each other, our skin slick with rain that dripped through the low ceiling, spinkling us with little pricks of cold. Patch's arms enveloped me, holding me with an intensity that only made me want to sink deeper into him.
He sucked some of the rain from my bottom lip, and I felt his mouth smile against mine. He swept my hair aside and kissed me just abote the collarbone. He nibbled at my ear, then sank his teeth into my shoulder. I hung my fingertips on his waistband, tugging him Closer. Patch buried his face int the curve of my shoulder, his hands flexing over my back. H gave a low groan. "I love you," he murmured into my hair. "I'm happier right now than I ever remember being."
"How very touching." A deep voice carried out of the darkest part of the shed, along the back wall. "Seize the angel." ...

Thanks for the opportunity!!
Megan Gunn

sclash3 said...

"There's only one thing I know for certain anymore." He turned, his eyes a clear black. "That I would do anything for you, even if it means going against my instincts or my very nature. I would lay down everything I possess, even my soul, for you. If that isn't love, it's the best I have."

Silence pg 344

This is my absolute very quote and scene. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, there is no greater gift than the spoken truth of a man's heart and soul. No act or gesture can compare. Such great love and devotion is all anyone can hope for. This scene is so great because you can feel the love between the two. Nora doesn't want Hank to take Patch away from her as he has others that meant something to her, and Patch utters these words so beautifully making her speechless. It is soul-stirring.


Mis_Pri said...

My favorite scene was definitely in Hush, Hush. It was these few lines:
“If you can't feel, why did you kiss me?" Patch traced a finger along my collarbone, then headed south stopping at my heart. I felt it pounding through my skin. "Because I feel it here, in my heart," he said quietly.”

I mean, COME ON! That is the cutest thing I've ever heard! A beautiful, handsome, unbelievably amazing guy kissing a girl not because of his hormones, but because he loves her, and feels it in the one place that matters most. This quote is ah-may-zing!

Mis_Pri said...

shoot, my email is twilightluvr001@gmail.com, Sorry!

Samantha said...

my favorite scene is when patch offers for her to stay the night and he is talking about how he would be willing to put a do not cross line on his bed if he has to. then he just gives up his bed completely for her.

Another favorite is in crescendo when Nora is at the party at Scott's place and Patch is there. even though the romance isn't showing between them, i love it how patch comes in and threatens scott. Then in silence when scott mentions that i think it was just the sweetest reaction. (well maybe that isn't the best adjective.)


LaceyLou said...

When will you pick a winner?

stephmarie13 said...


I love the scene in Crescendo when Patch goes to Nora's to be with her after the incident in the fun house. When I read this scene I could tell that she had been through so much and was ultimately relieved to see Patch.

" I thought I got there too late, I thought you were dead." I curled my hands into the front of his shirt and bent my head against his chest. I didn't care that I was crying. I was safe, and Patch was here. Nothing else mattered.

Becca if you're reading this you inspire me! I love you and your writing. I hope you've had the best Valentine's Day. It would make my life if I won. Thanks for the opportunity :)


lexdream15 said...

My favorites would have to be in Hush Hush when the teacher asks the class what they notice in someone of their interested in them and patch lists of a number of qualities but finishes it off by saying , " Kind of like what Nora is doing right now." it's the little things like that are super cute!!!!
Also one of my favorites would have to be in Silence when Nora is starting to get her memory again and she is hanging with "Jev" and they say the shower quote again and then Nora says, "Why Jev are you flirting with me?"
I love these books!! Read them all in 2 days!!! Can't wait for the next one!
Lex little419962@yahoo.com

May said...

This is such a difficult choice! One of my fav scenes between Patch and Nora are probably from Hush Hush. All of his one liners he says to Nora. Like about the shower thing "Wet, naked..I know the drill" LOVE!
Also, at the end of Crescendo, it was adorbss! But my fav fav is most likely Patch and Nora all through out Silence. You saw a whole new side to Patch and he was so protective with Nora. I loved that first night, when she slept at his apartment. It was so cute, and Patch was super amazing with Nora. This is an awesome contest as well! Thank you, and I can't wait to read FINALE! :D

Email: mayabe23@gmail.com

Black Rabbit said...

My favorite Patch and Nora scene is from the first book Hush Hush. I love the part when Patch sacrafices his one chance to get a human body to save Nora's life. To me this represents how when your in love sometimes you must sacraficce some things to make the relationship work. It symbolizes true love and selflessness.

Black Rabbit said...

Oh woops I forgot my Email. It is tosluver@gmail.com :D thanks so much!!! Your Awesome! Happy Valentines Day!! :D

lexie said...

My favorite part would have to be in the third book. They go hide out in the punk rock club and start doing a slow dance in all that noise and the music doesn't match AT ALL. They were SO CLOSE to kissing...

Alison said...

I have so many favorite scenes of Patch and Nora! But the ones that stick out right now are the scenes when they were in his place in Silence.

ansindt said...

I love the kitchen scene too=) Thanks for the giveaway and Happy V-day!


Anonymous said...

I love the end of Crescendo when we get to see more of Patch's life. I love that final scene where they get to be together after all the confusion Nora has. I hated the cliffhanger ending though :)


HushHush said...

Definitely the scene where Patch comes into Nora's dream for the first time, something about that scene is so perfect I love it. I think it is the utmost suprise of Nora and how calm and collected Patch is about something so abnormal.

Anonymous said...

I simply adore the part where Patch is trying to concentrate and can't so he turns to Nora and says "you're eclipsing my thoughts". Awww, in a way that's really sweet. If a boy said that to me I would probably hit him but be secretly melting on the inside. That, or run away and think he was crazy.

Email: hail.the.princess@gmail.com

P.s, huge fan Becca, an email saying hi would be like SUPER AWESOME!!!! Just a hi. (or more if u have time) you're such an inspiration and thanks to you I now have what my friends call an "excessive" passion for angels. (and nephilim and Fallen) :D

BrokenxxHallelujah said...

Okay! My favorite part is in Silence when Nora and Patch are getting reacquainted, and she touches his scars and sees them kissing from the last chapter in Crescendo. She freaks out, and he tells her it was her choice. She goes back into the memory, and when she finishes watching, she gets to rediscover how much she loves him! And how much she likes to smooch him.. =) Who wouldn't want to fall in love over and over again, with the person you love?!
Seems I forgot to post my email the first time.. SO! I'll try again!!


Anonymous said...

Becca Fitzpatrick Hello, I am delighted with the series you have! Before I tell you all that I could not write the comment before because I do not know English and I had to translate it and I have no own computer. I'm Spanish and I live in Málaga.Por here in Spain have not heard or seen it anywhere on your books, even at stores and malls are sold. I give heartfelt thanks to your books, I have fallen in love because of its magnificent interior as magnificent façade that through it, I found in the library where I live in the news section of the first book Hush, Hush I and I I read in two days, I've been scouring the libraries for the second book Crescendo and I've read it in three days now I am in search of the third book with great gusto and much intriga.Perdón for not being able to buy books but I have no money for it.But when I have all I buy! Good that I deviate from the topic haha. My favorite part is when Patch enters the dreams of Nora, when she and thinks it's really happening, but I also like romantic scene when Nora and Patch is going to leak and the two are in the shed.But I also fall into the hands of Patch if Nora! Luck and I hope to be able to have books signed gift in addition to the poster. Sorry if you do not fully understand what I write but I used a translator. Answer me by email if you have a problem understanding what you have written and to contact you.A big hello big fan of Spanish! My email is: c270293@hotmail.es

Carina Olsen said...

My favorite must be while they are making food in her kitchen and they almost kiss. <3 Although I do like all the scenes where they do kiss :D
Thank you for this amazing giveaway. <3
Hope you had the best Valentine's Day :D
Love, Carina ~ carina-olsen@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I love all of them lol but my fav has got to be wen patch gives her his necklace ohh gosh that made me all mushy inside!cant wait for the fourth book!


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