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22 September 2011

HUSH, HUSH Graphic Novel News

The upcoming HUSH, HUSH Graphic Novel has been getting some great attention lately!   Check out  these new interviews...
CBR (Comic Book Resources) includes some new sketches / previews of pages  here.
FanBoy Comics here.
GIRL Magazine (an Australian publication)  here.

AND  How about this super cool HUSH, HUSH Graphic Novel wallpaper courtesy of Sea Lion Books?  Help yourself to it and feel free to share it with your friends! (right click to save or click on the image to be directed to the hi-resolution image on photobucket.)  I've got it as my desktop right now ;-)  

HUSH HUSH GN Wallpaper

Lots of people have been asking about when the Graphic Novel will be released. It is advertised as November  8, 2011.  If we hear anything different we'll be sure to post it here on the blog.

Finally, Don't forget about the awesome Graphic Novel contest sponsored by the graphic novel publisher, Sea Lion Books,  here.  

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katie said...

i know this dosn't have much to do with the post but i'm thrilled you'll be comming to Ireland!!!! my friends and i screamed when we found out!! we didn't think you'd ever come we are so going to be there 'slan leat agus ba maith liom hush hush'