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25 July 2011

Triathlon Recap

I'm back from Idaho! And happy to say not only did I finish my second sprint triathlon, but I beat my time by, wait for it, ONE whole minute! I came in at 1:28:06 - third in my age division. Yes, I am relieved. Yes, I am a delirious mix of happy and exhausted. And, yes, I am very, very sore.

A recap:

The race started with a 5k run, but I don't have any pictures of the run (thank goodness!) because my mom and I didn't realize that our wave started at 7:00 a.m. and not 7:30, so we'd inadvertently told our cheerleaders and photographer, a.k.a. family members, to show up a half hour late.

My mom and I arrived at the race with about ten minutes to check in, set up our transition areas, make a quick bathroom break, and dash for the starting line. In fact, I could hear the announcer yelling, "Thirty seconds to wave one," as I sprinted out of the restrooms. I was screaming at my mom to go to the starting line, and she was yelling at me to grab the energy bars. By the time we made it to the starting line, the gun had gone off and we were already out of breath. From sprinting, and from laughing. I can't imagine how frantic we must have looked.

Here I am leaving the transition area to head into the 20k cycling portion. I was so exhausted I could barely get my leg over the seat. I think I'm going to make this my profile pic on Facebook. What do you think?

I told my sister NOT to take any pictures of my backside. Clearly she is a good listener.

With my sister after the swim portion. That explains why my hair is a total mess. But I am smiling - I'm finished!!

This was my mom's fifth sprint triathlon in five years!

Last but not least, a few pics of my mom and me with our cheerleaders!


ansindt said...

Way to go! Looks like you had fun...and I think that would make an excellent facebook photo=)

Lisa Schroeder said...

Yay!! I'm so in awe of you and your mom. Every once in a while I think, I should train for one of those and do one. And then I remember how I can barely run two miles and think, hmm, maybe not.

Kira said...

Looks like you did a good job overall...I would never be able to do any of that. You and your sister look really alike in that picture! And the other picture would look great on Facebook haha (:

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks, guys! Lisa: Back in March, I could barely run two miles. I bought an awesome book called The 12-Week Triathlete. It made all the difference! 2-3 hours a week was all it took. You should totally do it!

hushhushbigestfan said...

You did awesome Becca! I wish that i could find a local triathlon that i could try. There are a lot of just bike races and just swim races, but no trathlon

Suzanne Warr said...

You've inspired me. I've always wanted to do one of these, but figured I'm not enough of a runner--or cyclist or swimmer! Now I'm going to allow myself to dream. Maybe someday... :)

acubsmom said...

Wow! I'm in awe. My oldest son swims competitively and I always watch him wishing I could keep up. My youngest rides BMX and makes it look easy but I know better. My oldest started talking about doing a triathlon earlier this year (he's only 12) maybe I'll take your lead and find one we can compete in together. That would be fun if I could survive.
I found Hush Hush about 7 months ago (The cover caught my eye.) and enjoyed it so much I had to rush out and buy Crescendo. This morning I sit here having finished Hush Hush for the second time and starting Crescendo again. I'm looking forward to reading Silence and just want to say thank you for giving the world Patch and Nora. They are great.