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21 April 2012

Graphic Novel FAQs

SeaLion Books, the publisher of the HUSH HUSH graphic novel, has provided us with answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the graphic novel.

US Availability
The book was released on Thursday, April 18 and is in comic book stores, nationwide.  You can find a comic book store near you by searching here.    Barnes and Noble reported that they will be releasing it on April 24.  Amazon plans to ship copies on May 1.  (I'm sorry I am not sure why they both have later release dates.)

International Availability
The publisher does have distribution in the UK.  They will be providing us with a list of what stores are carrying.  The publisher will be happy to process orders through their web store for all other International fans.  They will begin taking International orders soon.  As soon as they let me know they are ready, I will let you all know.

Digital Availability 
The HUSH, HUSH graphic novel will be available digitally in about one month.  Stay tuned for more to come on this.


Bonnee Crawford said...

Wew for international availability! :)

Unknown said...

Hello! I know that Amazon is sending out copies on May 1st but, for some reason, I got a copy earlier than that... is that suppose to happen? Though, I'm very happy to have mine a little earlier :]

Oh, and are the graphic novels going to be in volumes for each book?

Unknown said...

Hello Becca ... I'm an italian reader...wow,finally i found your blog ... It is an honor for me to write to the author who made ​​me dream ... Needless to say how much I love this saga, even if one part I hate: now all I do is to looking for my Patch! :) .. For me it is important to tell you that the way in which you created the characters, the plot that you have created, the "magic" that you entered on each page are really wonderful ... So I would know much more ... I love to read and love to read your books ... You're a fantastic writer, and I hope you can answer my small comment ...I'd write more and more but there isn't enough paper..^^
i hope you answer to me...Thanks for the attention...A great italian kiss ^^

Anonymous said...

I loved the hush hush graphic novel it was so good but are they going to make more for the rest of the series and if so when are they coming out. Btw big fan loved the hush hush series